After a wonderful relaxing morning with a long meditation we headed towards Jerusalem. What an incredible city! The buildings are all made out of white sandstone and one can feel the history of this place in every corner –  not easy to describe the feelings while walking along the ancient city wall, entering the old city through the door where Jesus might have passed through as well  and strolling throught the narrow streets of the old town crossing from the Jewish quarter with the Western wall to the Arabian quarter with the Dome of Rocks and reaching the Christian quarter to visit the church where Jesus was burried.

The venue of the concert was breathtaking : the tent was located on a big square in front of the city wall next to the David´s tower overlooking a big part of the city.

Since it was the time of Passua many people had come from all over Israel to spend these holy days in Jerusalem. The square was very busy, people streaming in and out of the old city and we were wondering if anyone would even be interested in our program. But as soon as the music started the atmospere changed.  The music sung by the international group was just heavenly and opened the hearts of the people: many many stopped, listened, enjoyed, and got their realisation. Jewish, Arabs, Christians, Israelis, Tourists from all over the world. Some stayed with us during the whole session asking, enjoying the meditation, and some even started to dance. Really amazing how receptive , open and deep the people were. It was a fantastic experience.
The concert went on for hours. We eventually had to stop when it became too dark  and we left this special place full with joy and gratitude for having been able to reach out to the souls of so many. people.


639A9285 DSC00205  Jeunes juifs roll up Shakshi

Jérusalem vue des toits

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