Then, the day after we been in Tel Aviv city and we spread our big group of 40 yogis in 4. In that way we didn’t give any big concert, just free guitar in the street and slack-line in a park. This experience was more intimate, as we could take time with each person we were connecting with, and  in that way we could experiment deep meditation with them.

Also Mehendi (or Henna, traditional painting on hands) was a good way to have a nice time with the people where we could feel a sweet mutual trust to each other. The same with the “slack-line”, this form of webbing that is tensioned between two anchor points to balance. After experimenting meditation we were inviting people to do tightrope walking, after the subtitle balance within, they was amazed to find their body balance on the line held under tension!

Tel Aviv 5

Tel Aviv 3Tel Aviv 4 Tel Aviv Mehendi

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