Cosmopolite Capital,

Tel Aviv, people originate from all over the world live in this city. We leave the religious universe of Jerusalem to reach a more prosaic universe. The atmosphere of holidays was surrounding us everywhere as Pessah time was during our stay in Israel.

We stay first in Bat-Yam, a popular city in the periphery of Tel Aviv.

In this occasion, we could enjoy the beautiful and hot weather to perform a concert in a park, on the beach.  We stay there until the night as lot of families was relaxing there and many children playing around. Sometimes performing with personal interactions in the crowd, sometimes giving instruction in Hebrew and English to get this first experience of meditation. We enjoyed the energy of the children to organise a specific meditation for them with songs and dances, such a joy enlighten our hearts! It was so nice to be witness and part of this happening, even in the middle of a confused holiday place, children and adults who had no idea of meditation could reach the depth within them self.

Bat Yam 1 Bat Yam 3

Bat Yam 5 Sakshi perruche

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