In Israel from 2April-17April 2015

Meditation Up to Salvation

is joyful to announce the Israel Project 2015. The association is travelling to Israel during the month of April 2015 to work jointly with local volunteers’ citizen of the country (02.04. – 17.04.2015). The project will work with schools, universities, health center, in Jerusalem, Be´er Sheva, Eilat, Ashqelon, Tel Aviv, Haifa, and North of the country, providing programs for stress reduction, wellbeing, lifelong learning, inner peace and fearless state.



The project will address the following needs:

  • From the creation of the Israeli State in 1948, this country has been engaged in many conflicts with neighbors’ countries. Surrounded by conflictual external (Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iran) and internal (Palestine) relationships, the population of Israel is one of the few in the world exposed to a “chronical tension”. In the heart of the middle east and surrounded by perpetual tensions, Israeli society developed a sort of resilience to carry on with their daily life. And this resilience process allowed people do be fearless and stress less? We cannot deny the truth about the non-peace situation in this part of the world, and that same peace cannot be achieved anywhere unless and until it is settled inside people.
  • This inner peace state can be reached through mental silence and can be achieved by our programs. It has been proven to significantly reduce stress in medical and clinical studies ( We experiment it within ourselves and in our daily life and we observe the change and a deep improvement of the quality of our life.
  • Our programs are based on simple exercises to achieve mental silence. Peace and wellbeing coming from this silence have proven to be effective in stress reduction for businesses and schools in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.
  • Those exercises are rooted in ancient wisdom of understanding of inner silence, across all the religions and cultures. In Talmud itself we can find the following wise extracts: “there is no better medicine than silence”, or “in seeking wisdom the first step is silence” (Rabbi Sh’lomo ibn Gabiral).
  • Those exercises are based on a very simple technique called Sahaja Yoga. We don´t have to put any effort, just understand that there is an energy that helps us achieve a meditational state. According to this fact, to discover this state for the first time we, people practicing daily, are experimenting a simple and short experience, for us to raise our awareness and benefit from its effectiveness. Ideally, we would continuously work with participants for 2 to 3 sessions. This would allow participants to establish that inner peace experience from the program.

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