As we were in Israel during Easter time, lot of “believers” from all over the world and all over the churches, religions and seekers were also here. Bethlehem and Jerusalem was full of this people, some of them very open hearted.
In Nazareth we didn’t face such a crowd, as this city, of course touristic, was a bit more quite and calm. Here most of the local people are Arabic, and some of them was very interested and curious, once again the children and teenagers was the most attracted by us. Between the old town were is located the annunciation church and the new town we could perform a little concert, then we just had a walk in the street speaking and introducing our self freely to the people walking to the church and to the shopkeepers. People was happy to feel the cool breeze above they head and to find the silence. In the sky a yellow colour cover the town, as a sand storm was threating, to finally vanished later on.

Then some of us visited the annunciation church, which is actually a little old church in a big new one surrounded by beautiful Mary statues. The atmosphere was deeply calm and sweet, and we could find a new inspiration as we were meditating in this place.

After that, as we were going back home, we met four backpackers from north America, looking to access to the annunciation church. As it was already close they stayed a bit with us, set and opened their hearts to their own inner meditative state. I will always remember this guy telling, “you know, I’m a believer”, sitting and opening his hands to find within him what he was looking for in the church.


DSC01056 (1)DSC00025Nishkalanka Nazareth


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