Soon after our arrival in Israel we went to Bethlehem (Palestine), passing through the West Bank barrier. Visiting the Shepherd’s field we met a group of Christians from Africa visiting also the area. Spontaneously, some of us began to give them realization, that they could experiment the cool breeze and a meditative state, and finally all the group experiment it!  This fusion of our two groups was a real joyful chaos, and our first experience of giving realization collectively.  Later one, we stopped outside the restaurant where we had lunch to have a concert and invite people to experience the meditation. Soon after the beginning of the concert, a crowd gathered to see what was happening, to listen to the music and to enjoy the whole atmosphere. It was rather spontaneous, no fixed plan, no organization. Just trying to attract people through music and through simple interaction with them. At first the audience was shy but curious and lots of people (mostly local people) were willing to try the experience.  Bethlehem people were amused and sometimes surprised when they could feel the cool breeze and how simple it is to experience peace and relaxation within. On some people’s face we could really see the joy, exactly the same joy we could see later on the faces of the many other people we met during our tour. A clear testimony that what we can get through meditation is really universal, beyond any border, beyond any wall. It is within us and, thus, everywhere.

639A8833 639A8964  Bethlem réalisation


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