Bedouin camp, Haifa

As we were moving to the north of the country, to reach Haifa and Nazareth. We were staying in a village, on the top of a hill surrounding the sea and Haifa. Windswept, but a real Mediterranean paradise, we felt very welcome in this place. Above all because of the owners, neo-rural Israelis living among settled Bedouin. The Israeli families was very sweet and welcoming people, aware of the collective life because they grew up in “Kibbutz” (this collective farm settlement method, used at the beginning of the establishment of Israel).

 In the afternoon some of us have been in Haifa. To give spontaneously self realisation to the people met on the beach.

In the evening, it was very nice as we could perform music and give a program in the same place where we were sleeping! Our hostess was a friend of the Imam of the village, and he just motivated the young Bedouin families to join this spontaneous music program. It was so nice to see Bedouin and Israelis mixed together, and see how they was respecting each other. They all get they realisation in the middle of the concert we performed. Then some traditional Bedouin musicians perform their own music. After that we talked to the people in more intimate way to share and express their own feelings about the meditation experience.

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