The third biggest city in Israel, after Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Situated at the door of the desert, we stayed there one day. We divided our big group in 2.

On one hand, musicians and our naturopathic doctor been in “Beit ha Ole” (Immigrant’s house college) to give a lecture about the benefits of meditation and perform there a concert. The people present were happy to feel through the music what the scientific explanation and the meditation experimentation showed them previously. After that, this group have been in a park and discover many children interested and curious about this experience we were sharing, all of this surrounded by the music offered by our expert in traditional Indian music!

On the other hand, the other group all the afternoon gave the opportunity to feel the cool breeze above the head to people in the street, on a grass strip. As we were between the University and a bus stop, it was a perfect place and many students seat in our improvised stand on the carpet to enjoy the benefits of meditation. Also a “slack-line” was stretched near by, webbing between two dates-palm trees and the people could also enjoy to find the balance also there!

11159958_10206493741371220_5439160894171352860_n0701639A9985639A9966Beersheva dans la rue Beersheva Raafat donne Jeune couple juif Nishkalanke Kiran

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