Meditation (Up) to Salvation is a non-profit association that promotes meditation as a way to develop a lifelong learning experience for all people. We offer an experience of inner silence through meditation, coupled with self-development workshops as well as music, dance, artistic performances and games. This meditation technique is practiced in more than 150 countries around the world. The meditation experience that we teach is, and always will be completely free of charge.

JUNGE_Charkra_System_März15Educational Support and Children’s Activities

Meditation (Up) to Salvation work jointly with Inner Peace Day ( which is an organization that trains children on resilience strategies and give them educational support. Through Inner Peace Day we regularly host programs for children where they engage in team-building games in a simple and fun way (music, dance, painting workshops). In addition, we teach children simple meditation techniques to help them boost their ability to focus. Studies have shown that regular meditation helps improve memory, attention, behaviour, self-esteem, and overall physical and mental health. That is why a program is also given to teachers to improve their meditation experience and for them to continue using it regularly in the classroom.

Moreover, we can see with the increasingly widespread problem of adolescent bullying that it makes it essential for appropriate solutions to be found. Given that psychological and/or physical violence stems from mental attitude, a tendency from these young people to assert themselves through aggressions, but it is only by helping them rediscover and truly experience the beauty of inner peace, that we can put an end to this disturbing trend.

Thus meditation is an experience characterized both by an individual inner dimension as well as an external and collective dimension. Indeed, one can discover the causes that lead to internal tensions, which are reflected in our relation with the outside world. Unfortunately, due to the chaotic world we live in, children’s attention is often agitated, restless and inconsistent. Far from their “inner” selves, they tend to project themselves outside, often getting lost in external matters. Therefore, the main intention of teaching this method of meditation to students is to develop in them, even from a young age, the ability to take their attention inside and thus, giving them a more balanced approach towards life.

Culture and Concerts

Because meditation improve creation and is first of all pure enjoyment, Meditation (Up) to Salvation organise also concert and artistical events through musicians from all over the world who collaborate and conduct cross-cultural performances on an international level. These concerts include world music in multicultural fusions. This performances are for the public’s benefit, and are always free of charge. Meditation (Up) to Salvation regularly perform on outdoor stages in main squares; however we will also occasionally play in halls and private venues. During the concert intermissions, we also give brief presentations on our organizations other activities, such as health programs, meditation classes, and children’s workshops. These concerts can range from an hour to three hours depending on the venue.


Health and Wellness Workshops

Meditation (Up) to Salvation team include several Natural Therapists. We will focus some workshops on demonstrating how meditation can really cure and how people can imply this simple practice and cure themselves without anybody else, or external intervention. Indeed, in recent years, scientific evidence has shown that inner silence meditation can be used as a clinical modality to combat stress and thus, promote wellness. The small exercises that take only a few minutes a day and have been proven in medical studies (e.g by Dr. Ramesh Manocha) to help not only reduce respiratory rate, reduce heart rate (high when stressed), reduce blood pressure… but also goes further than general relaxation since it doesn’t only treat the symptoms, but actually goes down to the root of the stress and tension allowing the person to also face future stressful situations in a more balanced state.

Reducing Work Stress

We call stress, the fact that many of us are locked into a hamster wheel of pressure and overwork to overcome the increasingly expensive and demanding lifestyles (e.g by Dr Ramesh Manocha). The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that work stress had become a worldwide epidemic. The latter is called an “epidemic of stress”, or is what otherwise an out-of-control collective consciousness can achieve as a general or partial social malfunctioning. Medical investigations agree on the fact that stress is the inevitable product of an overactive and uncontrolled mind that reacts to “stressors” we suffer from our environment. Only silence in one self can clean us from this mind’s reactions responsible for all our body and psychological malfunctioning. (

After self-management and meditation lessons in business enterprises and daily practice, workers can:

  • Improve inter-personal and inter-social relationships,

  • Improve decision-making and communication abilities,

  • Improve creativity and innovation skills,

  • Improve confidence and balance



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